Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Spencer Quiel, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Co-PI(s): Clay Naito, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
PA Industry: J&R Slaw

Implementation of design provisions to achieve progressive collapse resistance invariably leads to an increase in the cost of the structural system. To reduce cost, there has been increasing interest in the construction industry in using structural systems composed of prefabricated concrete elements to achieve progressive collapse resistant design. The results of this project will provide guidance for the implementation of these systems for this application and provide the catalyst for the implementation of new design solutions that improve the economy and efficiency of framed building structures that are designed to resist progressive collapse. Specifically, the proposed project will demonstrate the viability of precast concrete construction for progressive collapse resistance by designing, modeling, and testing connection and element details that can bridge over local damage. Prototype precast framing elements will be provided by an industry partner for experimental testing at the ATLSS Center at Lehigh University. The proposed study will enable the PI’s and their graduate student advisee to spearhead research of a structural system that can enhance safety at a reduced cost. This project leverages the technical strengths of the PI’s and the ATLSS Center to address a recognized need in the precast concrete construction industry.