Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Ignacio Grossmann, Chemical Engineering
Co-PIs: Lorenz Biegler Chemical Engineering; Nick Sahinidis, Chemical Engineering

The program on Enterprise-wide Optimization (EWO) at the Center for Advanced Process Decision-making (CAPD) is aimed at developing mathematical models for optimizing the supply, manufacturing and distribution operations in process industries to reduce costs and inventories with some of its recent focus being in the area of energy. The program currently involves eleven companies: ABB, Air Liquide, Air Products, Braskem, Dow, ExxonMobil, Petrobras, P&G, Praxair, Sasol and SK Innovation. Four Pennsylvania based companies are involved, Air Products, Braskem, Dow, EQT, and one company that has operations in the state, ABB. With EQT we initiated last year a new project that deals with the optimization of the supply chain infrastructure and water management for the production of shale gas. With ABB we are involved in a new project for integrating ISA-95 information systems for batch scheduling operations. With Air Products we have initiated a project for developing an optimization model for strategic planning of industrial gas markets with special emphasis on capacity expansion accounting for electricity contracts and uncertain demands. With Braskem the research involves developing a dynamic polymerization reaction model that can be incorporated in production planning. With Dow we are involved in three different projects: Dynamic Warehouse Location with Discrete Transportation Costs for the Agrochemical Industry, Online Optimization for Batch Processes for Specialty Chemicals, and Flexible Long-term Turnaround Planning for Integrated Chemical Sites. The first Dow project deals with the development of an optimization model for planning of inventories and transportation that accounts for seasonal demands. The second one involves a multi-stage dynamic optimization model to minimize the transition times in the production of multiple grades of polymers. The fourth involves the planning and scheduling of maintenance in process networks so as to minimize the downtime of production. The funding requested is for the current project with EQT.