Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Rudy Shankar

Electric utilities have had stellar success in managing their expensive capital assets—generators, transformers and distribution systems—around the world by transitioning from a time-based protocol to one that is condition-based that exploit modern wireless sensor technology. The secret was integrating large amounts of data into detecting component health conditions using advanced pattern recognition software techniques. Data historians with vast capacities and now operating in the cloud allow asset health monitoring across time zones and continents. But for a deeper understanding of the root problems data access across different operating entities that have their own protocols, their own proprietary manufacturing techniques. Our industrial partner, OSIsoft, Inc., a leader in the data warehousing industry is working on a "Community Warehouse" concept where data across the entities will be accessed for various purposes inclusive of research and development, defining policies of access and maintaining intellectual property rights. The PITA award will explore the various uses through projects conducted by Lehigh ESEI M. Engg students and used to support deserving students through focused awards.