PI: Paolo Bocchini, John Fox
Co-PI(s): Clay Naito
University: Lehigh University

Complex geometries and complete design freedom in concrete objects offer a new paradigm in concrete design and construction methods through the application of a novel concrete printing technology developed collaboratively by Lehigh University and Buzzi Unicem. 3D Binder jet printed concrete objects have been produced at Lehigh University, combining a calcium sulphoaluminate cement (CSA) and silica sand material. To date, these small printed objects have demonstrated excellent design freedom and exceptional surface detail. In order to scale- up this technology for future application, the research team must demonstrate the ability to 3D print objects that can be fastened together in a modular manner. The proposed work aims to utilize existing 3D printers as a demonstration of the “future precast plant,” in order to rapidly manufacture unique individual components, which will then be fastened together to form a complete structure. The proposed project aims to demonstrate this novel proof-of-concept for 3D printing technologies for buildings and infrastructure.