Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Asim Smailagic, ICES and Dan Siewiorek, HCII
Co-PI(s): Kristin Hughes, Design

Smart home and wearable technologies can provide a suite of activities to maintain cognitive and physical health allowing older adults to live independently longer. Bosch and ICES have been developing suites of technologies based on smart sensors and virtual coaches. The health trajectory framework includes three stages of prevention: primary /promoting of well-being, secondary / early intervention and tertiary / disease management. Trajectories and preventions exist for both cognitive and physical decline. Primary prevention supports brain health through mental exercise, cognitive engagement, social engagement and stress reduction. Secondary prevention focuses on development of automatic habits (e.g. always return items to the same place after use). Tertiary prevention includes promoting safety, social communication, enhancing memory and supporting daily activities.

A combination of smart stationary home sensors and individual wearable sensors will support each stage and manage the transition between stages. This work builds on Bosch’s smart home technology and ICES’ virtual coach and wearable sensors technology. Both mental and physical trajectories will be supported by a smart space implemented in ICES.