Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Yaling Liu

This project aims to use a novel biomimetic microfluidic device to optimize the coating configruations of drug carrying particles developed by Particle Sciences. Particle Sciences Inc. focuses on development of particles for pharmaceutical customers. Currently these particles are tested in culture dishes which are in relatively static environments. There is a need to evaluate particles in a more physiologically relevant environment to collect in vitro data that may better predict the activities that will be achieved in animal and human based testing. We have collaborated with Particle Sciences to establish a customizered high-throughput drug carrier evaluation platform. This platform utilizes a biomimetic microfluidic device that can simulate an in vivo blood vessel outside of the human body. This platform integrates monolayers of endothelial cells (EC) and other cell types in a microfluidic channel, which can be subjected to specific flow and chemokine stimulations. In this proposed project period, we plan to use the developed platform to optimize drug carrier coating for Particle Science's lipid solid particle. In particular, we will determine the best PEG-antibody coating ratio to reduce non-specific adhesion and enhance specific binding of the drug carrier. This project will also serve as a benchmark test to establish standard data-set for commertialization of the patented microfluidic device. Once benchmarked, this cost-effective biomimetic device can help Particle Science accelerate data collection cycle, develop patient specific therapeutics, as well as provide a more realistic platform to enhance current conventional R&D studies in pharmaceutical industry.