Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI: Carmel Majidi, Mechanical Engineering
Co-PIs: Burak Ozdoganlar, Mechanical Engineering

Wearable health and physiological monitoring require electronics that are soft, lightweight, and compatible with natural human skin. In this 1-year academic-industry collaboration, we will explore new materials and fabrication methods for creating “artificial skin” electronics that can support biosensing functionalities like pulse oximetry, electrocardiography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), and joint motion monitoring. Such work will build on our current collaborative efforts to extend silver-based functional inks and printed electronics to the domain of wearable computing and physical human-machine interaction. The PITA program is an ideal opportunity to leverage this existing collaboration to develop much needed materials framework and fabrication approach that will enable high throughput production of biosensing fabrics and wearables.