PI: John T. Fox
University: Lehigh University
In this collaborative study, the research team will investigate a new type of adsorption media blend so as to purify air for IVF incubators. LifeAire Systems, LLC is a global leader in air purification systems designed specifically for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratories. While LifeAire has developed the industry standard for ambient air purification systems for IVF laboratories, the team, in collaboration with Lehigh University, aims to understand how to best purify containerized gases used in healthcare applications. Through years of research, LifeAire has learned that IVF patient outcomes benefit substantially through improved air quality. In order to continue advance IVF patient outcomes, air purification for containerized gases is a necessary advancement.
This project provides a collaborative effort between LifeAire Systems, LLC and Lehigh University to understand how air filtration media can be optimized for healthcare air purification. Through the blended approach of experimental results and application of theory, we aim to improve air purification technologies. These results will be used to strengthen proposals to other entities, as Lehigh and LifeAire Systems have one joint proposal pending with the NIH. This work may also lead to material development proposals to NSF for improved performance in healthcare air purification applications.