PI: Nisha Shukla
Co-PI(s): Andrew Gellman
University: Carnegie Mellon University

Nanoporous gold (np-Au) has a variety of important potential applications arising from its high surface area and high electrical conductivity. Its high surface to volume ratio allows adsorption of much larger amounts of analyte material than is possible on a traditional flat sensor surface. In principle, this can increase the intrinsic sensitivity of sensor devices by about 100×.

This PITA project will focus on the development of np-Au films and their characterization for application in sensors. Successful completion of this project will result in the development of intellectual property that could be used as the basis for a small startup, or be of value to existing commercial suppliers of QCM systems, such as Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum in Export, PA and Kurt Lesker Co. in Pittsburgh, PA. The availability of these ultra-sensitive sensors will provide local researchers with capabilities that extend the current state-of-the-art in detection of adsorption from solution, and thereby enhance the competitiveness of future research proposals in a wide variety of areas.