PI: Marc Dandin
Co-PI(s): Pulkit Grover; Siyang Zheng
University: Carnegie Mellon University

In this proposal, we set forth a research and development plan for optimizing tumor treating field (TTF)-mediated chemotherapies for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), commonly known as brain cancer. We will use a murine brain-slice GBM model integrated in a custom-designed integrated microsystem for monitoring TTF and chemotherapy effects on the tumor and its microenvironment within the brain slice. Our end goal is to provide a patient-centric precision medicine solution for tailoring TTF spatiotemporal parameters and chemotherapeutic regimens that yield patient-optimized treatments, while accounting for TTF effects on both cancer and healthy cells. With our approach, we expect to create TTF stimulation regimens that tailor field directionality, gradient, intensity, and temporal waveform, to chemotherapy potency and to specific tumor characteristics. Furthermore, with our platform, a clinician will be able to screen chemotherapeutic drugs in combination with TTFs against biopsied primary tumor cells to create an optimum patient-specific treatment regimen. Our platform can be integrated directly in the current standard of care, in order to provide improved treatment outcomes, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of TTF-mediated chemotherapies.