Lead University: Carnegie Mellon University
PI:  Asim Smailagic, Engineering Research Accelerator
Co-PIs:  Dan Siewiorek, HCII; Julie Downs, SDS

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces ideas such as that everyday objects can sense their own behavior, their environment and the patterns of their usage. This can offer very innovative opportunities in information retrieval, healthcare, education and other areas. The IoT applications are based on large amount of sensor data and making that data usable to everyday persons is becoming a challenge as well. Our project uses context-aware and Internet of Things computing technology to aid care coordinators in keeping their patients healthy, happy, independent and safe in their respective homes. Taking care of elderly persons is becoming a real challenge in many countries. The system will (1) allow to view and add their patients’ information, (2) automate the process of gathering patient data and provide some data analytics, (3) gather medical and social/emotional data to provide a holistic view of the health status of patients, and (4) provide alerts and notifications when a patient deviates from their baseline health. We combine mobile and stationary sensors, as well as EMA (Ecological Momentary Assessment) surveys for parameters that cannot be sensed (e.g., social activity, mood). This is a unique combination of sensors that will be used in the system that we are developing.