The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA) is a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) program designed to provide economic benefit to Pennsylvania through knowledge transfer, the discovery of new technologies and the retention of highly educated students. 


PITA is a collaboration among the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems at Carnegie Mellon University, and the Institute for Cyber Physical Infrastructure and Energy (I-CPIE) at Lehigh University. PITA Research and Educational programs assist the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its companies in increasing operating efficiency and enhancing economic development by: 

  • Combining physical and informational infrastructure technology development expertise in Pennsylvania.
  • Leveraging complementary technology development in design, manufacturing, and environmental issues.
  • Focusing research and educational capabilities of two world-class universities on technology solutions to economic issues in the Commonwealth.
  • Creating an environment linking Pennsylvania companies with students to create high paying jobs and retain highly educated students.


PITA projects must satisfy the PITA mission of assisting the Commonwealth of PA and its companies in increasing operating efficiency and enhancing economic development by:

  1. Conducting technology development projects with PA companies
  2. Developing technology leading to new PA companies
  3. Conducting educational outreach programs for the benefit of PA companies and students
  4. Seeding research and technology development projects that attract funding from other sources
  5. Creating an environment linking PA companies, agencies and students to increase the creation and retention of high paying jobs in the Commonwealth
  6. Enabling PA universities to remain at the forefront of engineering research and education

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PITA is always looking for new partners. Partnership with PITA could provide your organization with early access to research, collaborative research projects, recruiting opportunities, event and research branding opportunities and much more. Below are just a few of the ways that organizations can become involved.

  • Sponsor a research project
  • Collaborate and work on a research project
  • Host an internship
  • Donate hardware or services to PITA Research
  • Provide “testbeds” for research
  • Leverage other research projects, and other funding mechanisms