2015 Projects

Optimized multiscale/multiphenomena modeling of membrane distillation process for water treatment

Investigating thermal performance through geometric and thermochromic variations of modular ultra high performance concrete thermal mass system for energy savings in buildings

Wireless (inductively-coupled) ultrasonics to identify erosion defects in frac iron components

Assessment of alternative water management infrastructure strategies for natural gas extraction across cost, water use and greenhouse gas emissions

Computational methods for enterprise-wide optimization: Shale gas supply chains and demand-side management for electric power

Ultrasonic detection of defects in "clad steel" materials for oil and gas pressure vessels

Characterizing methane, VOC, and HAP emissions from natural gas production activities using mobile laboratories equipped with real-time sampling and analysis technology

Intermediate temperature fuel cells for fuel production from gaseous hydrocarbons: Benzene to Phenol

Optimal reactor design for continuous biodiesel production

Energy efficient cryogenic adsorption process

Thermofluidic analysis of a novel energy saving window concept

Lehigh heavy forge and Lehigh University–Roll steel wear: Is harder better?

Smart polymer modified particles for environmental separation and filtration

Development of high temperature adhesives using hybrid nanoparticles

Progressive collapse resistant building frames: Precast concrete design solutions

Field application of hybrid anion exchange (HAIX) technology to mitigate fluoride and Marcellus wastewater crisis

Silver nanowire materials for advanced electronic contacts in next generation energy and telecommunications technologies

2016 Projects

Minimally intrusive electrical load monitoring using distributed sensing

Integrating high-end and low-cost air quality sensors

Computational methods for enterprise-wide optimization: Shale gas supply chains and capacity expansion industrial gases

Developing cell mechanics based microfluidics approaches for algae products with Innovalgae

High resolution mapping of size and surface charge distribution of particle-stabilized colloids used in architectural coatings

Novel solar water heater using high-efficiency, flexible nanophotonic absorbers

Optimization methods for decisions in industrial gas network problems

Study of the degradation of polymer-modified self-adhesive waterproof membrames and possible solutions

Investigation of bio-inspired soil improvement and its effects on thermal properties of soils

Cost analysis of alternative systems to power fork lift fleets

Study of the melting process of phase change materials including solid sinking

Desalination and defluoridation of contaminated brackish water with innovative ion exchange technology

Damage identification of transmission towers using automated imagery

Polymer composites for wear components in industrial pumps and compressors

2017 Projects 

Ternary hybrid encapsulants with enhanced processability for LED applications

Computational methods for enterprise-wide optimization: Infrastructure, investment, and water management in shale gas supply chains

Development of polymer hybrid materials for the bottom-up fabrication of luminescent panels

Analyzing and defending cyberattacks on electric & autonomous vehicle battery systems

Hydrometallurgy extraction of rare earth elements from coal and coal by-products using chelate enhanced supercritical CO2

The multifaceted roles of data and source in energy data orchestration in asset optimization

Design and fabrication of a test bed for metallurgical and mechanical characterization of metals treated with liquid chemical solutions

Sustainable filter treatment: Real-time analysis and treatment of DPF waste

2018 projects

Computational methods for enterprise-wide optimization under uncertainty

Soft magnetic materials development for energy applications

Electrolyte design through physics-driven machine learning

Mitigating cracking of steel slabs

Novel coolants for large-scale rapid freezing of biologics

Study of processing Pennsylvania anthracite for mercury removal in flue gas

Unique valorization of recovered pollutant phosphorus for 'green' energy materials

Polymer composites for wear components in industrial pumps and compressors

Effects of temperature cycles on laterally loaded energy piles

2019 projects

Soft magnetic materials development for energy applications
Machine learning for industrial MPC
Effect of powder characteristics and print processing parameters on printability, microstructure and mechanical properties of angular powders in powder bed additive manufacturing techniques

Optimization of energy efficiency in supercritical co2 extraction/infusion cycle loop

DER smart aggregation development for advanced energy communities

Thermal conductivity improvement of chloride molten salts for better high temperature thermal energy storage

Establishment of the advantages and disadvantages of metal oxides for thermomechanical energy storage using redox reactions

Developing manufacturing processes for janerette's eco-friendly fungi

Optimizing industrial gas production and transmission operations: real time decisions

Development of quaternary molten chloride salt blends for solar thermal applications

Improved thermal properties of aerogel embedded vacuum insulation panels

Evaluation of a bio-inspired foundation systems supporting offshore wind turbines

2020 projects

Powder bed additive manufacturing with metal powders manufactured by attrition

Autonomous crop disease detection using spectral and chemical sensing and deep learning neural networks

Containing impacts of communication disruption in energy IoT networks

Scalable assembly of quantum dot hybrid materials for luminescent panels

Enhancing cementitious materials thermal performance with phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage 

Coal fired power plant slipstream evaluation of activated anthracite for mercury emission control

Atomistics of silver diffusion in pastes for ccreen-printed silicon solar cells

Study of controlled de-activation of smart release layer for polyethylene waterproof membranes

Technology and economic assessment of increasing solar penetration in PPL service territory

Machine learning dynamical models of chemical processes from temporal data

2021 projects

Computational models and algorithms for enterprise-wide optimization of energy and process industries

Enhanced metering in the grid using high performance soft magnetic materials

A novel approach toward brine desalination aided by ion exchange osmosis

Novel activated carbon for water and coolant purification

Multi-stage activation of Pennsylvania anthracite for supercapacitor applications

Sustainable concrete by selective binder activation and innovative reinforcement

Phononic metamaterials manipulating turbulence in advanced cooling technologies

Accelerated aeroelastic framework for hybrid simulation of offshore wind turbines

Designed synthesis of functionalized organic porous materials for catalysis and acid gas capture

Energy storage in 3D printed concrete components for building and industrial applications

Virtual power plants

Exploiting the magnetic contribution to specific heat of multicomponent alloys for thermal regenerators

2022 projects

Contingency analysis and optimal microgrid integration to Quakertown grid

Study of processing Pennsylvania anthracite for carbon dioxide capture

The Lehigh University campus as a virtual power plant

Technical and economic analysis of feasibility solar rooftops on warehouses in Pennsylvania- development of a user’s guide

Integrated laser induced breakdown spectroscopy-raman spectroscopy-artificial intelligence for municipal solid waste analysis

Direct carbon capture from atmosphere (DCCA) using regenerable ion exchange resins

Advancement and demonstration of concrete 3d printing by selective binder activation

Investigating the behavior of bio-inspired UHPC foundations supporting offshore wind turbines

Study of carbon capture options for the cement industry in Pennsylvania

Carbon mineralization options for the cement and aggregate industries in Pennsylvania

Grid-interactive smart building energy management through thermal storage and electric vehicles

Understanding the mechanical properties of low CO2 concrete

Highly efficient and ubiquitous radio frequency energy harvesters based on emerging Van der Waals semiconductors

2023 projects

Transitioning to decarbonized chemical industries: computational methods for decision making

Probabilistic surrogate and multiscale modeling of advanced materials in the Westinghouse eVinci microreactor

3D printed lithium-ion batteries – driving storage and charging improvements of current battery technology

Resilient integration of distributed energy resources to electricity grids using DC interlinks

Identification of energy communities under the Inflation Reduction Act

Copper recovery from the background of iron in leaching solutions and solid wastes

Machine learning for feedstock thermal conductivity analysis in H2 gasification applications

Investigation of high resistivity metals

Improving Ni-based superalloys for use in hot gas path components of hydrogen turbines

Multifunctional metamaterials for advanced cooling technologies: design optimization, fabrication, and experimental validation

Wastewater surveillance for ongoing pandemic preparedness

Integrating a simulation framework for marine renewable energy systems 

Designed synthesis of functionalized organic porous materials for catalysis and acid gas capture

Study of concept for co-production of solar thermochemical hydrogen and methanol

Enhancement and optimization of pervious concretes with glass aggregates with phase change media for the betterment of power plant dry cooling towers

Amino acid technologies for carbon dioxide capture

Life cycle analysis of decarbonized concrete with biochar as a lightweight aggregate and mineral filler