Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Spencer Quiel
Co-PIs: Clay Naito and Natasha Vermaak

The research team will develop fire-induced deterioration models for the new grades of high-strength reinforcement that are increasingly used in U.S. construction practice. The study will examine rebar type ASTM A615, Grades 60, 75, and 100. The study will experimentally develop temperature deterioration curves for yield and tensile strength as well as stiffness that can be utilized to assess cover requirements to achieve various levels of fire resistance. The study will focus on larger bar sizes (No. 8 and 11) and will examine the sensitivity of fire resistance based on grade type. The research effort will be conducted by a graduate student researcher under the supervision of the research team faculty. The project team will interact with ACI/TMS Committee 216 to ensure that the project objectives and results align with the committee’s general efforts.  The proposed project meets a research need that has been stated in two major roadmap documents for the increased implementation of high-strength rebar in reinforced concrete design.  The proposed experimental test program will utilize an existing equipment setup at Lehigh University that is readily available for use in this project.  The project will engage a rebar manufacturer with a large presence in Pennsylvania.