PI: Paolo Bocchini
Co-PI(s): Wenjuan Sun University: Lehigh University

The main objective of the project is to develop a methodology to assess the vulnerability of the two most critical components of the communication infrastructure networks: telecommunication towers and dedicated equipment in central control offices. The methodology will be applied and demonstrated in the Lehigh Valley, PA. The research team includes experts in regional risk assessment from Lehigh University and catastrophe modelers from the insurance company AIG.

A first research thrust will deal with the representation of the wind hazard through spatially and temporally correlated wind velocities. Then, the project will continue with the assessment of fragility curves for communication towers and equipment in central offices.

The team will investigate optimal trade-offs due to the need of calibrating curves that are accurate, but also general enough to be applicable to a portfolio of towers and buildings. In the last module of the research project, data from historical claims at AIG will be used to calibrate and validate the models, focusing on damage, business interruption, and cost.