2015 projects

Virtual 3D trainers for out-patient palliative care

Lifetime Projection for Next-Generation Medical Implants

Enabling the Elderly to Walk: Around the Clock Gait Pattern Monitoring through Ground Vibrations

Polymer-Based Protein engineering to wire enzymes to electrodes

Smart Home and Wearable Technology to Maintain Current Stage of Health and to Support Health Transitions

Plasma-based materials as an adjunctive therapy to treat pressure ulcers

Evaluation of Particle Science's Solid Lipid Drug Carriers Through a Novel Biomimetic Device

Fabrication of the MEMS Device for Determining Mechanical Properties of Cellular Aggregates

2016 projects

Using Computational Approaches to Diagnose Labral Tears of the Shoulder through Morphological Shape Grammar Analysis of Unenhanced MRI with ANSYS

Developing Cell Mechanics based Microfluidics Approaches for Algae Products with Innovalgae

Soft-Matter Printed Electronics for Wearable Health Monitoring

Ultra-sensitive sensor for quartz crystal microbalances

Investigation of Air Quality in a Hospital Burn Center

Optimization of Drug Carrier Coating Design by a Microfluidic Chip

Developing New Therapeutics

Supercritical Fluid Extraction for Medical Cannabis Production

2017 Projects

Controlled Release Technologies for Treating Brain Aneurysms

Virtual 3D trainers for out-patient palliative care

Portable ultra-high-resolution wireless EEG system

Characterization of autologous human mesenchymal stem cells: Towards improving patient outcomes

Advanced 3D Printing Techniques with Biodegradable Polymers for Novel Multifunctional Biomaterials

Developing Novel Therapeutics

2018 projects

Minimalist electrodes for suppressing brain tsunamis through noninvasive neurostimulation

Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring in traumatic brain injury

Clinical utility of circulating tumor cell detection in metastatic melanoma and renal cancer using microfluidic chip

Advanced air purification for containerized gases used in healthcare applications

Replenishment decisions based on customer needs and supply chain performance

Developing novel therapeutics

2019 projects

Advanced manufacturing of drug-eluting embolization coils

Development and characterization of nanoporous gold (np-Au) for sensors

Leveraging on-demand transportation services for emergency medical services

Investigating neurite morphological growth using advanced finite element and biofabrication techniques

Multidimensional supercritical fluid chromatography system for epilepsy medicine purification

2020 projects

Novel High-Density Electrode Platform for Tumor-Treating-Field Treatment of GBM

Scalable production of intrinsically chiral surfaces for enantiospecific applications

Soy protein based wound dressings-evaluation for cell biodegradation and delivery of therapeutics

Chemo-mechanical Interlocking for Ingestible Oral Drug Delivery Devices

Remote Health Monitoring via 3D Printed Wearable Electronic Decals

Develop Extracellular Vesicle-like Metal–organic Framework Nanoparticles for Intracellular Delivery of Enzymes for Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Development of a Safe Chelator of Lead to Enable the Treatment of Low-level Lead Poisoning

Quality Investigation of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

The Study of How Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria are Spread Throughout Water Systems by Free Living Amoeba

2021 projects 

A breakthrough 10-second COVID-19 antibody test using 3D printed lab-on-a-chip biosensor

Adhesive hydrogel electronics for commercial full-band electroencephalography

Advanced thermomechanical processing of titanium alloy for healthcare applications

Separation of chiral racemates using mechanochemical transformation

Development of rapid viral infection assay using ocular fluid

Direct and local delivery of antibiotics to burn wounds and other skin infections using microneedles

Modeling and advancing air quality in highly sensitive healthcare environments

Biomimetic intestinal models of cyptosporidium attachment and infectivity

Developing vasopressin V1b receptor agonists for anemia

Persistently virucidal coatings against enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2

2022 projects

Ultra-compliant sensors for monitoring cardiac physiology after heart transplant

Engineered lung tissue platform for respiratory disease modeling, monitoring, and therapeutic development

Manufacturing of inherently chiral Au nanocrystals

Understanding material transport regulation and traffic jam in neurons for biological neural circuits design

Application, process testing, and optimization for magnetic beads based cell separation

Understanding the fate and transport of airborne volatile organic compounds in highly sensitive Medical Environments

Developing vasopressin V1b receptor agonists for anemia

2023 projects

Tuning acoustically-sensitive silk scaffold degradation for improved, personalized craniofacial soft tissue regeneration

Novel optode sensor development for functional near-infrared spectroscopy systems and its use in dark, coarse, and curly hair

Low-cost trial prosthetic feet for at-home testing

Penetration and drug delivery analysis of microneedle array patches for skin cancer

Retention of chirality in alkenoxide hydration

Multifunctional metamaterials for advanced cooling technologies: design optimization, fabrication, and experimental validation

Evaluation of a novel horizontal single-use pressurizable fermenter for microbial culture to high cell densities for production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines

Biomarkers for traumatic brain injury