Lead University: Lehigh University
PI: Joachim Grenestedt

This project is to expand the capabilities of the Temporary Bridge Support Structure by increasing the lifting capacity of the system along with the addition of a locking mechanism that allows the system to be set at an arbitrary height while still maintaining the full load capacity. With these expanded capabilities, the need for separate lifting jacks and shims would be eliminated during lifting operations; reducing support structure design and setup time while also increasing ease of implementation. The locking mechanism could also add an additional layer of safety to the system by providing the ability to carry the load in the case of a failure in the hydraulic system. Finally with the sensors being used for the locking mechanism, active load estimation may be done and warn if the structure is loaded beyond the rated load, presumably further increasing worker and structural safety. A scale prototype will be developed to test and verify the design and operation of the system and to identify any improvements or changes necessary before a full-scale system is built.